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Discover the unique culinary world of Léon Winthaegen, where artisanal dishes come together with a personal approach and a touch of elegance, to create an unforgettable experience for every guest.

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El Quinto Sabor by
Private Chef Léon Winthaegen

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About Léon

With his years of experience as a restaurateur and having achieved a Michelin star in his own restaurant, Léon has perfected his craftsmanship and developed his own unique style. His philosophy revolves around using fresh, seasonal ingredients from local producers, highlighting the authentic flavors of the region and promoting sustainability.


Hospitality is central to Léon. Whether it is an intimate dinner for two, a festive event with friends or a special occasion, Léon is committed to meeting all your culinary wishes. With his flexibility, creativity and attention to detail, he guarantees an unforgettable gastronomic experience that you will want to enjoy again and again.


Be welcome and enjoy a journey through the flavors of the world, directly at your own table.

Léon offers a range of culinary services, perfectly tailored to your needs and occasion. From intimate dinners to large-scale events, Leon offers a unique and unforgettable gastronomic experience for every occasion.

Private Dinners and Parties


Whether you are planning an intimate dinner for two or a large party for friends and family, Léon is ready to serve you. With his masterful cooking skills and eye for detail, he creates a tailor-made menu that perfectly suits your taste and style.


Catering up to 50 people


Léon offers professional catering services for larger gatherings of up to 50 people. From elegant dinners to informal gatherings, his dishes are guaranteed to impress your guests and make your event memorable.

Wine arrangements with delicious Spanish wines


Complete your culinary experience with a carefully selected wine pairing, put together for you by Léon. Enjoy a selection of delicious wines that perfectly match the flavors of the region and complement your dishes.


Cooking workshops


Discover the secrets of classic cuisine and learn new culinary skills during Léon's cooking workshops. Whether you are a novice chef or an experienced home cook, his workshops are informative, interactive and, above all, fun!


Retreats in Andalusia, Spain


Let Léon transform your next retreat or wellness trip into an unforgettable culinary experience in beautiful Andalusia.  With carefully selected menus and warm hospitality, Léon creates a relaxed and refined atmosphere in which you can enjoy delicious dishes and inspiring moments with your company.


Over the past few years, Léon has specialized in organizing yoga and wellness retreats, During this time he has also broadened his knowledge of vegetarian and vegan cuisine. He knows better than anyone how to prepare delicious dishes that are both nutritious and tasty. Whether you are an avid lover of plant-based meals or simply want to enjoy healthy and varied cuisine, Léon will pamper your taste buds with his culinary creations.


Whether it's a colorful and nutritious breakfast to start the day, a light lunch to keep you energized during your yoga sessions, or a gourmet dinner to end the day, Léon will ensure that every meal is a becomes an unforgettable experience. With fresh, local ingredients and a passion for cooking, he will introduce you to the rich flavors of Andalusian cuisine, while promoting your well-being and vitality.

For every occasion

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Riogordo, AN

Andalusia, Málaga, Spain

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